Supervised Driving

Having Difficulty Completing Your 75 Hours?

No Qualified Supervising Driver* or No Car Available? No Problem!


Give Southern School of Motoring a call and we will help you to complete your hours.

With our supervised driving programme we act solely as your qualified supervising driver (QSD) as opposed to your driving trainer/instructor. We will not provide any formal training during this session, although obviously we will provide help and advice, just as your QSD would.

For only $40 an hour (inc GST) you can decide where you want to drive and what you want to practice.

There is no requirement for you to be a client of Southern School of Motoring, however we would obviously love to provide you with our full course. You can be at any stage┬╣ in the learner process, however these sessions will obviously be more beneficial to you the nearer to test standard you are.

Interested in this programme? Call us on 0434 123 760 or use the booking request form here.



* The legal requirements for a qualified supervising driver in South Australia can be found on the SA Government My Licence website here.

┬╣ You must be able to safely drive the route you wish to use without excessive intervention from your QSD. We reserve the right to terminate the session if we consider it is unsafe to continue in this programme.