Sunrise and Sunset Times

Rule 215 of the Australian Road Rules specifies that you must not drive a vehicle at night unless the headlights, tail lights and number plate illumination light are functioning and clearly visible. This also includes any side clearance marker lights. Night is defined in the rules as between sunset and sunrise the next day.

For those on a Learner Permit, any driving performed between sunset and sunrise counts towards your night driving hours requirements.

As an aid to all drivers this page will weekly post the following weeks sun rise and sun set times.

These times are approximate based on Adelaide (34° 57.7′ S, 138° 35.4′ E) and calculated using the website.

This sunrise and sunset time information is provided to assist drivers, especially learners, but has no standing in law. I would remind everyone that it is often preferable to switch your lights on earlier and switch off later than official set and rise times. Your lights are for your safety as well as the safety of others and ensure that you can be seen easily even if you don’t need your lights to see.

Two useful ‘Rules of Thumb‘ regarding vehicle lights also are:

  • If your windscreen wipers go on your headlights should go on
  • If the speed limit is 100 km/h or above your headlights should go on


This Month’s Sunrise and Sunset Times