Keys 2 Drive Accredited Instructor


Do You Want a Free One Hour Driving Lesson?

Keys 2 Drive is an initiative of the Federal Government aimed at reducing the massive increase in the risk of being involved in a casualty collision the day a learner obtains their Ps.

keys2drive has now delivered over 400,000 free lessons nationally and is funded by the Federal Government.

The free lesson uses atrain the trainer’ model with the accredited driving instructor assisting the supervisor (often a parent) to guide the learner driver to adopt safe driving practices. It does this through face to face practical information and instruction on how they can most effectively assist in the training of their learner drivers.

keys2drive provides a different approach to learning to drive – a coaching method called ‘find your own way’ which encourages the learner driver to make their own decisions rather than always being told what to do.  This technique assists a learner driver to become P plate ready. Over time, this approach will create a new culture of safer driving.

To get started you must first visit the Keys 2 Drive website and register. You will then be able to request a Free Lesson ID which will be sent to you by the Keys2Drive team. When you have your lesson ID come back here and complete the form below. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the website once you have submitted your form. If you do not receive the email please check your spam folders. We will be in touch shortly to arrange your free lesson. Alternatively you may contact us by telephone or SMS on 0434 123 760.

The free lesson will be most beneficial to you if you have at least ten hours driving.

You must have a qualified supervising driver with you for the full duration of the lesson. This does not need to be the person that you specify on the booking request form, but must be someone who meets the legal requirements to be a QSD.

If supervisor foreign licence is not from one of these countries they are unable to legally supervise you as a learner driver.

Your Qualified supervising driver MUST be at least 25 years old for their overseas licence to be recognised to supervise a learner.

Unfortunately, this person is unable to act as your Qualified Supervising Driver.