Pre-Learner Assistance with theory test

Having difficulty with the theory test?

or maybe just one or two aspects of road law?

Look no further.

For just $55, including GST, we will come to your home, or other suitable location, for up to 90 minutes and will help you develop an understanding of the road law which will not only help you pass your theory test but will help to make you a better and safer driver in the future.

We will not simply tell you the answers to many questions, you can get that free on the internet, we will actually help you to understand the reasoning and theory behind the questions so you will develop a real understanding.

There is no obligation to take your driving lessons with us once you have passed your theory test, although obviously we would be delighted if you chose us to teach you the practical aspects too.

Once your session has been confirmed you will be sent a short questionnaire to complete. This will help to target your teaching as there is little point in paying to be taught something you already understand.

Call us on 0434 123 760 or use the contact form below.

Pre Learner Enquiry

Use this form to enquire about our theory test assistance